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Instead of continuing along the southern edge of Prince’s Harbour, this month I decided it was time to draw the heart of the town itself. This really shows off how the town is a low-density unwalled affair. While located at the edge of the Flindlands, the actual wilderness around the town is more hazardous because of wild animals than any kind of organized hostile forces. This is the kind of place where there is more to fear from a rabid bear, or the slow encroachment of a chaos cult within the town itself.

Prince's Harbour - Map 3

Prince’s Harbour – Map 3

The heart of Prince’s Harbour includes a number of small docks and wharves for fishing in the Gnoll’s Ear River, and behind a screen of trees from the river is the heart of the town itself – the cluster of structures around the large building just north of the centre of the map is the priory that took in the prince that the town is now named after, with the church set directly across the main street from it.

The Priory is now the heart of the town administration, and serves very little religious purpose anymore. For town meetings and announcements the prior uses the Prince’s Commons – the empty block with only a small gazebo-like structure in the middle. In the winter town meetings are often moved to the church instead otherwise no one would stick around.

Prince's Harbour - Map 3 (no hexes)

Prince’s Harbour – Map 3 (no hexes)

A small island in the Gnoll’s Ear is home to Caft Manor, heart of the Caft family who own a lot of the tenant farmland around Prince’s Harbour. Caft Manor is passed down to the head of the family from generation to generation, and is currently home to “Elder” John Caft who is only 26, the youngest head of the family in anyone’s memory.


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