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Vymrrysian scholars have long theorized as to the true nature of the Black Monolith, that totemic object which stabs out from the Infrared Octagonal Hills to the southeast like a knife. While some holdouts still cling to the notion that it was constructed by a long-since-exterminated civilization, most modern academics believe it to have originated from one of the many thousands of suns that dot the night sky. Many an aristocrat has sent scouting or raiding parties to the Monolith, bringing back a variety of alien gems, metals, and the like, assuming they were able to get past the structure’s formidable security measures.

– From the Ynemvelt Archives

Black Monolith From Another Sun - Level 1

Black Monolith From Another Sun – Level 1

The Zealous Geometers have claimed the Black Monolith as their own, but how can you resist the call of adventure and treasure?

The Black Monolith from Another Sun was originally drawn by Jesse Goldshear and posted to his blog, Yenemvelt – Another World. This redraw is done in cooperation with Jesse’s blessing. The fully stocked level can be found on his blog here: Black Monolith From Another Sun Level 1 Key

Over the next month or two I’ll be redrawing the map of level 2 of the Black Monolith, and then I’ll keep up with Jesse’s expansions to the Monolith as he develops them.


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