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The ancient house appears to be a massive sprawling mansion from outside. Inside it shows all the signs of unplanned and almost cancer-like growth and change. New wings added haphazardly, sections renovated to new purposes and sealing off other sections in the process. Rooms and sections that can only be accessed through windows from gardens. Stairs that lead nowhere, doors that open into brick walls.

House of Keys - Ground Floor

House of Keys – Ground Floor

This sprawling Winchester House-inspired map was crafted for jim pinto’s “House of Keys” RPG, the first of several in the Iron Medusa setting – a lawless RPG setting inspired by Slavic folklore.

House of Keys is in production now (you can read more about it at the Kickstarter that ran four months ago), and will be showing up on post world games’ DTRPG storefront along with other Iron Medusa titles.

The House of Keys logo is a trademark of post world games and appears here with permission.


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