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Overlooking the grand ballroom of the House of Keys is an upper level balcony,a hint that perhaps one of the sets of stairs in the building actually leads upstairs instead of into a blank wall.

House of Keys - Upstairs

House of Keys – Upstairs

The upstairs is, of course, a confusing maze of tight corridors and small rooms, and of course contains a number of rooms that are no longer accessible – including a small complex of rooms and a space full of dusty life-sized statues.

One of the garden light shafts pierces up through the second floor, and is then bisected by a small hallway on the third floor.

House of Keys is in production now (you can read more about it at the Kickstarter that ran four months ago), and will be showing up on post world games’ DTRPG storefront along with other Iron Medusa titles.

The House of Keys logo is a trademark of post world games and appears here with permission.


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