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The votes for February’s “Release the Kraken” have dug up a wonderful piece from 2015 – The Portal Nexus!

The Portal Nexus (with grid)

The Portal Nexus (with grid)

The Portal Nexus is a set of odd interlinked towers with no ground floor entry (but a few upper level doors that lead into the towers from walkways and balconies). Enterprising thieves and those with means of flight can access the nexus via these upper level entries, but the design of the structure assumed that all persons entering and leaving the nexus would be doing so via portals.

The top level (level 4) is two towers connected by a covered bridge. I picture a single portal right in the middle of the bridge, so you can’t actually use the bridge to get from tower to tower without crossing through the portal.

The next level down (level 3) is three towers, two of which are connected by an open-air bridge. The tower on the left I picture as having two portals, at the two dead-end regions of the c-shaped room.

The level just above the ground floor (level 2) is comprised of multiple towers, and also is home to the only open-air portal of the structure. There is a large pillar made of green stone sitting on the roof of one of the smaller towers and reached by a bridge – when activated it calls down a bolt of green lighting from the skies and is open for travel for ten minutes. The spike-sided tower to the left is also home to three more portals (and a balcony overlooking the stone circle on the main level), each embedded in the wall of it’s own chamber, framed in heavy obsidian blocks.

Finally, the ground floor is home to two portals and access to the upper levels.

The Portal Nexus (no grid)

The Portal Nexus (no grid)


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