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Tonight we completed the 53rd session of our Neoclassical Geek Revival “Age of Myth” campaign with a crippling loss.

Starting the 14th year of the campaign, we were beat to the goal of forming a kingdom by the other group. In the last year we had changed the course of the People and our tribe and clan became worshipers of the 8 gods who were suddenly in conflict with Crom and the Ancestors. One of my characters was taken over as the physical embodiment of Zer, the child god of briars, raiding, and fire (a version of Khorne). Glautonox, the greatest priest the People had ever seen swore his allegiance to Moff, the god of Salt, Reason, and Punishment (a manifestation of Malal).

Seeing that we had lost to the Lindworm in a fit of self-destructive pique, we first confronted Glaa (the crone, goddess of unwanted children, necromancy and caves) and she filled the vessel of Bav-Mordo with her essence. We then rushed the place of the Wanderers who’s leadership enforced the faith in the Ancestors (and who had transformed into strange evolutions of the People also known as “Pak Protectors”) and in that great battle Glautonox fell. Betrayed of course by Moff, he was then animated as a free-willed undead by the Mattock of Glaa.

So as the clans of the Lindworm successfully formed their great kingdom, we in turn pledged allegiance to the Southern tribes in a great Empire. One that will be rotten to the core under the influence of our dark gods.

The game was awesome – combining the lore of the Ringworld, the 40k universe, Doom, and Fallout, all under the guise of being an Iron Age NGR campaign.

The map is my player-perspective map of the setting. We may add a few notes to it before it is finalized and I offer posters of it to the players and GM of the campaign. The doodle is just me picturing the my mighty lich-priest character as he serves under two foul masters to corrupt the empire.