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There was never much to Charnesse – a stone bridge, a few houses, and a small common house that served ale and light food to passing travellers and the local farmers when they had a few coins to spend.

But there’s a lot less now. Smoke was seen rising from the area since yesterday, and the reports are grim. All the homes have been ruined and even the fishing pier has been damaged. A huge fire was lit in the centre of the small thorpe seemingly with the furnishings off all the buildings – and close inspection also finds bones in the mix.

the Ruins of Charnesse

the Ruins of Charnesse

Only the common house remains mostly unmolested. Most of the furniture is missing, but no other damage is to be found. And one old human is still sitting there, slowly working his way through a bucket of ale. He has nothing to say, and has no memories of anything unusual from yesterday…


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