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As a thank you to everyone who supports my work through the Patreon Campaign, I’ve started producing some exclusive releases that go up to all patrons over on Patreon.

As always, the maps I produce for the blog remain free – but there are over 500 people who put in money every month to make these maps free for everyone to enjoy, and I thought it would be a nice gesture to give them something to show my gratitude. Without the Patreon campaign, this blog would have mostly died in 2014 when my disability ran out. But here we are in 2019 and still posting 8-10 free maps a month, plus the occasional other RPG content.

This month we have this pocketmod adventure framework that uses a map that was on the blog a few months ago – but it gave me an excuse to practice illustrating a bit more instead of creating a new map… and I’m really excited and pleased by how the little black and white spot illos turned out.

Patreon-Exclusive content will never be given away for free through the blog, but some may appear as commercial products in time.

If you want a copy of Tales of the Ophidian Empire, it is a free download for all my supporters on Patreon.