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If you’ve been in any conversation with me where the Deck of Many Things came up you’ll have heard me “wax poetic” about the many ways in which I dislike said item (aka the Deck of Many Campaign Endings).

That said, I’ve always been irked by most representations I’ve seen of the deck. Mostly over a nit-pick.

“Each [card] is engraved with glyphs, characters, and magical sigils.”

But every prop representation I’ve run across over the years has just included the main symbol of the card.

So this weekend I took a bit of time to draw something more in keeping with what I would expect a few cards from the deck to look like.

I’ll try to keep this going and get the full set of 22 cards drawn, and if everything works out another dozen or so unofficial additions and then set them up to be printed at DriveThruCards.