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As announced in March, I’ve started releasing something exclusively to the patrons who support the Dodecahedron through my Patreon Campaign.

This month it is a selection of hand-drawn hex sheets that I put together. The primary launch point was wanting to have some 4′ x 3′ hex posters printed up to run The Fantasy Trip games on. Business Depot / Staples does these wonderfully affordable “Engineering Prints” at up to 4×3 on light 22lb paper in B&W for $3 per page (this varies from place to place, I pay $2.93 per page, and I’ve seen it as high as $4 per page).

So I sat down and drew up a full massive page of these hexes. Turns out, even with 1.5 inch hexes, it takes a LOT of hexes to fill a poster that size! As soon as I posted a photo of a piece of this poster, the requests started to pour in for copies of the “source file” that I used.

So I’ve packaged up the poster design (with and without central dots), along with a bunch of pieces extracted from it (sets of 4 megahexes that print nicely on a letter-sized page, and a mix of ledger and letter sized pages with 1.5 inch hexes as well as ones where I’ve scaled down the original poster to make pages of half inch hexes and so on).

If you want a copy and are a supporter on Patreon, just head over to this Patreon post where you can download it. If you aren’t a supporter on Patreon, it costs as little as $1 a month and is what keeps the constant flow of free maps going on this blog.