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An abandoned throne room, flanked by cobweb-covered statues, this dungeon was designed and dug out to be something far grander than it is now.

Oubliette of the Forgotten Magus

Oubliette of the Forgotten Magus

Originally dug out for access to the underground river here, these dungeons are damp and quiet, home to massive cave spiders that hunt blind fish in the river. And of course, the Forgotten Magus. Paranoid and arachnophobic, the long-dead magus hides in one of the two small “closet” spaces in the dungeon, occasionally running from one to the other when his paranoia overtakes him and he can sit in one place no longer.

A desiccated husk of his former self, he still wears his finest robes and wizard hat. He knows the ins and outs of the dungeon and caves and can travel them at remarkable speed (even better if adventurers have killed the cave spiders already, clearing his route).

Oubliette of the Forgotten Magus (no grid)

Oubliette of the Forgotten Magus (no grid)

Of course, he knows why adventurers are here… they seek the magic jewel that he taps for his arcane powers! Thus when on the run, he scatters the occasional gem behind him to distract, and isn’t against including the occasional bead from his necklace of fireballs in the mix.


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