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Cut from the stones of the Weirding Mountains by the drowned priests to craft a gateway for their mad god, this small complex has been “abandoned” for a few hundred years since the collapse of their order.

All the masonry of the complex was made of red stone brought up piece by piece by the Firestand scavengers from those undersea ruins. In the intervening years, much of the masonry has fallen or been removed, leaving the complex a mix of grey stone of the mountains interspersed with blood-red halls and walls in the various chambers.

Red Talon's Lair

Red Talon’s Lair

In modern days, the old space has been taken over by the Talon clan of wererats as they stick their whiskers into crime and espionage throughout the realm. They generally ignore the unholy detritus of the Drowned Priests, as most previous inhabitants have… But one old wererat, Red Talon himself, started quietly collecting small stone idols and masonry with odd writing on it a few years ago, and is now quite mad – possessed by the urges of the mad god.

Black Talon's Lair

Black Talon’s Lair

It is only a matter of time before he starts to look for a way to open the way between the worlds. Presumably it would be here, within the ancient complex of the drowned priests… but wererats are sneaky and perhaps in an attempt to hide this from his kin, he might instead attempt to part the way and invite the mad god under the streets of one of the cities that the Talon clan operates within…


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