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We return to the maps of Dyson’s Delve with maps of the very top and bottom of the mini mega dungeon.

Dyson's Delve 2019 - The Surface

Dyson’s Delve 2019 – The Surface

The upper ruins are only hinted at in the original Dyson’s Delve – the assumption in the adventure is that the party sneaks in using the hillside cave, dodging the goblin-infested tower on the hill. Here we finally have a map of this area. The ground level is all that remains of an old watch tower. The upper levels have fallen away and most of the stone was carted away by farmers ages past for use in fences and foundations.

A number of stone pillars remain to the south of the tower – the origins of these are unknown but all but one of them are single piece blocks of stone. The centremost of these is made of three pieces of stone precision cut so they rest together without even a hairline gap between them.

Dyson's Delve 2019 - Level 11

Dyson’s Delve 2019 – Level 11

At the very deepest depths of the Delve, level 11 brings back the troglodytes we met back on the temple level – the same troglodytes who serve the dragon living on level 10, and guarding the way to his lair. There are a few other creatures on the level as well, and of course the mandatory tentacular beasts living within the lake, ready to eat unwary adventurers.

The lake itself is probably part of the Darkling Depths – linking in turn to the Heart of Darkling series of maps.

For the entire set of Dyson’s Delve 2019 maps:

I’m still in the process of compiling the new version of Dyson’s Delve in a digest-format PDF using all the new maps. It should be released next week to all patrons of my Patreon Campaign.


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