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(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules – this session also incorporates “The Missing Children of Regensdorf” from Warpstone magazine.)

Session 2

The Enemy Within
The Children of Regensdorf

  • Kazgar [Gunner]
  • Larry [Bawd]
  • Othmar [Bunko Artist]
  • Wilfried [Bawd]
  • Oscar Jager [Bodyguard]
  • Martin [Muleskinner]
  • Talbberry Grumble [Scribe]

The party searches the bodies of the mutants and the other coach, discovering a number of small treasures (43GC, a 40GC silver ring, and a small 8GC silver locket with a miniature of one of the dead artisans in it) and armament (including a blunderbuss and two sleeved chain shirts).

Most shockingly, they found a body that seemed to be a striking look-alike of Othmar Krupp. According to the documents found on the body, it is one Kastor Lieberung who is travelling to Bogenhafen to collect an inheritance.

A team of roadwardens with Lieutenant Magnus Athrect arrives along with Martin the muleskinner and Talbberry Grumble, a halfling scribe.

The roadwardens, initially distrustful, accepted the story of the mutant attack and then helped get the wrecked coach on the road and escorted everyone to the next coaching inn, The Inn of the Seven Spokes which is currently quite busy with three coaches in for the night when the party arrives with their two coaches and another tailing behind them.

Here they (and Magnus Athrect) are accosted by Clothilda Lankdorf of Regensdorf who is seeking brave souls (or anyone really) to help her village after the disappearance of her 6 year old son, the latest of 8 children to go missing in the last three weeks. Stolen, supposedly, by “bogeymen” which sound a lot like goblins.

Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf, Janna, and Marie hire a Four Seasons coach to get them to Altdorf the next morning. Philipe and the coachmen promise to wait for the party to return as they plod off in the drizzle and mud towards Regensdorf where they have been promised compensation from Burgomeister Marcus von Schtupp.

En route to Regensdorf they find no signs of goblins or bogeymen, but do run across two highwaymen hung from the neck by Baron Ennum von Regensdorf’s men as a warning to others. One of the highwaymen is completely naked, the other clothed.

Regensdorf is a small moated farming town built near a massive church to Taal. As the town grew bigger, the priesthood of Taal abandoned the temple to find a place further into the wilderness for their seclusion, leaving the Burgomeister to handle minor ceremonial affairs as needed. Aside from a number of farmer’s homes, the town also consists of

• The Wayfarer’s Rest Tavern & Stables (run by Konrad Leifdich and his wife Annette)
• The Village Meeting Hill
• The Graveyard (outside the moat)
• The Smithy (run by Luc Gascon who has a swell cleft in his chin)
• The Bakery (run by Katarina Kornfed, the spinster and idle gossip)
• The General Store (run by Gustav Rutigar)

Two miles south of town is the estate of Baron Ennum von Regensdorf, who is away on business right now.

What has been learned so far (who knows how much of this is accurate):

• The children started vanishing around three weeks ago.
• The Baron, Lord Ennum, is putting forward the reward (30GC per person, plus room and board at the inn).
• According to the Baron’s Butler (from Albion, of course), the Baron is off on business today, but will see them tomorrow evening for dinner.
• Lord Ennum has taken a shine to the buxom Emmanuelle, and they are to wed. Of course, Luc Gascon (who is roughly the size of a barge) also likes her, and now he’s all moody and unpleasant, and not focusing on his work because of this stupidity all because that strumpet can’t keep her shirt on.
• The bogeymen were summoned here by the Burgomeister, who is really a Chaos worshipper sent to corrupt the villagers.
• The Baron is funding the reward. Some say, not me mind you, that it’s to cover up the fact that all the missing children are really his offspring.
• The Baron and Luc Gascon (who’s neck is incredibly thick) knew each other years ago when the Baron was a wizard and Luc Gascon (as a specimen, yes, he’s intimidating) was a mercenary posted to Regensdorf.
• A wooden pie plate belonging to the spinster baker was stolen (with the pie in it) and then recovered (without the pie) with strange bite marks that appear to be goblin teeth.

As evening approached, all characters received 80XP.