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It is done! The 2019 edition of Dyson’s Delve will be available in the next hour or so for all patrons of my Patreon Campaign. I try to produce a single piece of content every month that is exclusively for my patrons – never a map (as those will remain free and available through the blog), but something else based on my other work.

In past months I’ve released a pocketmod mini adventure, a selection of maps from the blog that I hand-coloured, a two-page tavern guide to the Twelve Goats Tavern, and a huge selection of hand drawn hexes especially suited for use with The Fantasy Trip.

This month we are going way back in time and resurrecting Dyson’s Delve. Using the 12 new maps I released for the Delve over the last few months, I’ve reassembled the whole Delve into a 28-page digest-format PDF. And while you can print it as a booklet, you can also choose to print the individual spreads as single-page dungeon levels.

Want a copy? Sign up for the Patreon and grab one!