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Converted from / attached to an old watchtower from the Siege of the Mad Kings era, Shieldrick’s Inn is a small tavern set in a pastoral landscape of rolling hills and farmland.

Shieldrick's Tower Inn

Shieldrick’s Tower Inn

The inn serves mostly as a tavern for a few of the local farmers who congregate here to exchange information on harvests and prices in town and only deals with the occasional traveller (one or two a week on average). The “Inn” part of the name is purely that the Shieldricks gives travellers free use of the main tavern room to sleep in once the tavern stops serving food and drink a little after sunset. In the winter they charges a small price to stay in the ground floor of the tower where the banked fire keeps a bit of warmth.

Shieldrick's Tower Inn (no grid)

Shieldrick’s Tower Inn (no grid)

Upstairs in the tower is the home of the Shieldricks. They bar the door to the kitchen and lock the door to the upstairs at night, but can hear any major commotions via the shared chimney between the two levels.


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