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In the ruins of the Absent City are a number of sites that are still maintained by the silent caretakers. One of these is the sunken gardens by the Palace of Rains which in turn lead into a whole section of the undercity that survives intact beneath the ruins.

Gardens of the Absent City
Gardens of the Absent City

Some of the areas directly attached to the gardens are obviously old offices and maintenance structures and have debris within and the occasional interlopers from the ruins above. But deeper into these catacombs they become remarkably cleaner – swept of dust and debris, almost as pristine as new construction. The Absent Scions are the caretakers down here – wispy amorphous creatures that silently clean as they float down the halls. They act like a colony of insects – cleaning the area mindlessly, destroying dirt, small vermin, and looters alike. Should a scion be injured, the scent of its protoplasm will attract others, descending upon the cause of the problem en masse to destroy it.


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