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There is a wise soothsayer who lives in small house in a grotto under Deep Echo Forest. It is said that the house was there even before the forest, and has slowly sunk into the ground. A sinkhole now leads down to it, but the soothsayer isn’t the only inhabitant of the area who’s lifespan has been extended…

Gauntlet of the Flintcrowned Ghouls

Gauntlet of the Flintcrowned Ghouls

A dozen “kings” patrol the area also, as well as those who would serve them. These ghouls wear crowns of iron set with flint and jealously guard the path down from the Deep Echo Forest to the soothsayer’s home. The ghouls never harass the soothsayer, and sometimes allow petitioners to pass to speak with them – but rarely allow those who visit to leave completely unaccosted.

The southern cavern is open to the forest above, and the upper cavern with the house has a small opening at the top of the cavern to allow smoke out. The rest of the caves, tunnels, and carved chambers are cut into the heavy stone and earth beneath the forest – many with the roots of the trees above twisting along the walls and ceilings.


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