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Smugglers repurposed the old Hornberger House a few decades ago – essentially in response to the political shifts on the mainland increasing protectionist taxes on a number of imported goods – particularly liquors and steel arrowheads. The last of the Hornbergers lived out their final days prisoners in their own home, surrounded by smuggled goods.


Smuggler’s Lodge

The house isn’t the largest of places and sometimes just about every square foot of it is stuffed with contraband waiting for the right time to slip into the harbour in town or to move it to the swampy shores nearby to be picked up by cart.

One point that can be confusing when reading the map is the stairwell on the upper left side of the ground floor. It is actually two staircases. One L-shaped set of stairs leads up from the basement to the ground floor, and built directly above it is a second set leading from the ground floor to the second floor.


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