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Drowning Point WIP Vignette

Drowning Point is, aptly enough, sinking into the lake.

A small community built up around a river outlet, Drowning Point is watching the buildings built closer to the water being taken by the rising waters. Not that the lake itself is rising rapidly, but the land here is definitely in the slow process of settling down, taking the village with it.

Drowning Point

Drowning Point

This slow sinking isn’t uniform – leaving many of the standing buildings with broken foundations and the small fortification at the point itself threatening to break apart. Huge cracks have begun to show in the walls and while the section leading down to the small pier looks sturdy enough, the side tower to the south is starting to lean into the lake.

Of course, it might not just be erosion and settling soil that is behind the sinking of Drowning Point. There are dark and inhuman things in the deeps who might hold a specific grudge against the town and townfolk (or their ancestors). Or perhaps dark pacts were made here between warlocks and the deep ones and the land itself is trying to erase these things from its memory.


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