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OSR6 Bundle

We’re in the last week of the latest OSR Bundle of Holding. There’s really nothing I can say here that isn’t also on the Bundle of Holding Page except that this is a great collection of awesome stuff even if we completely omit my own Map Pack from the selection.

I absolutely love Fever Swamp, Hot Springs Island, and What Ho, Frog Demons! – all three are on the same shelf of my classic & weird D&D stuff. Sholtis is a genius and a great artist and the two combine excellently into Operation Unfathomable.

I would rave incoherently about the rest of the bundle, but I’ll be honest and say that I have had a chance to really digest the other titles here yet with my current crushing schedule.

Suffice to say that the whole set is awesome.

$12.95 gets the Starter set (cheaper than my Map Pack alone), and the current “level-up” price to get the bonus collection included is under $27.

Get you some!