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One last run into the sewers of Waterdeep for the month before we move on to other ground (but there will be more Waterdeep sewer maps next month). Today’s map is a set of four “points of interest” to use when there’s an encounter in the Waterdhavian sewer system.

Sewer Elements

Sewer Elements

These are all intersections between sewer lines, where smaller lines feed into main lines.

The first is a fairly simple example of such, but with nice wide tunnels allowing for raised platforms along the main lines for most of the distance.

The second is a sewer access point for sewer workers to come in from above (the stairs lead up to a manhole, access building, or other municipal access). It is probably one of the smellier sections, with a fairly large lagoon where various lines feed in before moving on to other areas.

The third is a fairly typical stretch of sewer with what was once a basement or a maintenance room that is sealed off from the surface.

And the final one has a lot of iron gates where various lines meet. This is probably to prevent people from circulating under the city and to keep large animals out, but these grates will also result in blockages that need to be cleaned out from time to time in the long honoured fantasy video game tradition for low level heroes.


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