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Red Litten Yoth

Beneath the massive blue-lit cavern of K’n-yan (which may be as much as a hundred miles across, without counting the many side caverns and labyrinthine structures) are the ancient red-lit caverns of Yoth. These caverns were the home of the serpent folk once they fled the surface lands. They built massive cities within the caverns, moving their whole civilization and technology base to these deep red caves.

Ruined Cities of Yoth

Ruined Cities of Yoth

That was untold ages ago. All that remains of the serpent folk of Yoth are the ruins of their cities, a few of their ancient guardians, and forgotten remnants of their advanced technologies which keep the caverns lit to this day. Explorers from K’n-yan come down here seeking their lost technologies and treasures, unaware of what brought about their fall.

For beneath these ruined cities of Yoth is lightless N’kai, home of Tsathoggua. The serpent folk abandoned the faith of Yig for the dark idols of Tsathoggua which spelled the end for their civilization – and in time someone will likely recover these dark idols while searching for serpent technologies, and doom their own homes in the process.

(Based on material by H.P. Lovecraft & in turn based on material by Zealia Bishop)


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