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Wizards of the Coast released Locathah Rising as a fundraiser for Extra Life 2019. Written by Christopher Lindsay, he ran the adventure during a great live stream event earlier this fall.

After coming up with the basis for the adventure, I was tagged in to craft the map – the full guidance was “caves within an unnatural coral reef that grew up around a collection of shipwrecks.”

The full 39-page adventure is available here from DMsGuild. All monies that Wizards of the Coast receives from sales of this PDF are donated to Extra Life.

Umberlee's Maw

Umberlee’s Maw

This version of the map from the adventure is a massive 11″ x 15″ in size at 1200dpi. The grid lines are 5 to the inch (or 240 pixels per square). Printed at miniature scale of 1 square per inch, it will be 55″ x 75″ in total size. Tags from the adventure (location numbers) have not been included so it can be used as a player map.

The design starts off with the tight confines of a shipwreck which then opens up into a massive void within the reef with a number of wrecks partially exposed to the void. Further to the south, the environment becomes claustrophobic again with narrow gaps between wrecks and tight confines within them.

For the full adventure (and to support Extra Life), grab a copy of Locathah Rising from the DMsGuild.