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One of the most prominent points of interest when looking over Oakfell Vale from the hills around is the Temple of the Seasons. From a distance what is clearly visible is the massive oak tree in the centre of the heavy hedges, and the stone pillars both free-standing and built into the retaining walls.

Temple of the Seasons

Temple of the Seasons

This is the kind of temple that well established druidic circles or nature clerics build and maintain. The nave of the temple is 20 feet down from the entrance, and features a number of statues set in planters that serve both as gardens and plinths for the statues. Up the stairs from the nave is the main sanctum of the temple with a massive oak in the centre. Surrounding the sanctum are a number of small private rooms for cult functions, sleeping chambers, storage, etc, connected by a very narrow path through the brambles of the garden walls.


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