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Most fantasy cities don’t start with infrastructure – things like sewers are added as the city grows and the need for improved infrastructure becomes apparent when people get sick of (and from) sewage in the streets. And obviously, when it comes to a fantasy city at least, when you start digging below street level, you are bound to find something interesting…

Defiled Waters

Defiled Waters

Long-forgotten ruins of the past lie beneath the streets of the city. Here we have the nave of one of the original temples to be built here in reverence to a local water deity. The temple built up around a deep canal that transported water from a nearby spring through to the city proper. The spring waters were diverted to the city cisterns ages ago, and the temple is long gone, but the lower level canal was just too useful to not use when the sewers were built.

In the process of converting the nave into sewers, a section was sealed off entirely from the old nave and from other structures down here. Recently a basement connection has been dug into these structures, but the connection to the old nave is still bricked over.


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