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Every month we go through our back catalog of maps and the many patrons over on Patreons vote on which two should be re-released under the free commercial use license. This month has been a few flashback releases – the Dark Caverns of Turr that I drew in 2010, and now An-Nayyir’s Pyramid which I released in 2013.

Beneath An-Nayyir’s pyramid is “The Tomb of the Bright One” – but this secret romb reaches far below the surface and into much more ancient tombs and reliquaries… This portal to the underworld can lead unsuspecting grave robbers to distant caverns and underground cities, and perhaps to the hollow world itself.

An-Nayyir's Pyramid

An-Nayyir’s Pyramid

In a major flashback, this map goes back to when I drew all my work in an ungridded 4×6 notebook with gel pens.


This map is made available to you under a free license for personal or commercial use under the “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” initiative thanks to the awesome supporters of my Patreon Campaign. Over 400 awesome patrons have come together to fund the site and these maps, making them free for your use.

Because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make this map free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is over the $400 mark, we choose a map from the blog’s extensive back catalog to retroactively release under this free commercial license. You can use, reuse, remix and/or modify the maps that are being published under the commercial license on a royalty-free basis as long as they include attribution (“Cartography by Dyson Logos” or “Maps by Dyson Logos”).