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(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 6

The Enemy Within & Shadows over Bogenhafen

  • Martin [Muleskinner]
  • Larry [Bodyguard]
  • Gottlieb [Hunter]

As we begin this episode, Larry has moved on from his career as a bawd to become Othmar’s full time bodyguard in order to help his disguise as Herr Lieberung.

While most of the group heads to the inns in order to enjoy spending some of the money they earned in Regensdorf, Martin, Larry and Gottlieb head out to the Happy Man to learn more about this mysterious bounty hunter named Adolphus.

At the Happy Man, they don’t find any sign of the man or his hardware, but the owner of the Inn recalls a man of his description coming in this morning, talking to and then leaving with a pair of wharfside labourers – Bengt and Gurt. Asking around, they get good descriptions of the two men (who seem to spend more time here drinking than they do working), and then head for the last Inn in town – the Trumpet Inn.

In the stables of the Trumpet, they Emmanuelle distracts the stable boy so they can inspect the tack room where they find one saddle that is definitely that of a well-equipped road-travelling adventurer-type. Sneaking in the back door of the inn, they see Adolphus talking with two men – Gurt whom they have had described to them in detail, and another labourer who doesn’t seem to be Bengt.

The three of them then walk in, introduce themselves to Adolphus, and try to find out why he’s interested in them. Adolphus claims to just be travelling through Weissbruck on his way to Bogenhafen, while the players let him know that they were staying at the boat that night instead of an Inn (which he took particular interest in).

Back at the wharfs that afternoon, they spotted the missing dockworker (Bengt) sitting on a hill in front of the Black Gold Inn slowly eating his lunch while keeping an eye on the Berebeli. Confronting him, they confirm that he is watching the boat for Adolphus but not watching them in particular – just making sure the boat doesn’t go anywhere and if it does to immediately inform Adolphus.

With a bit of forceful rhetoric they convince Bengt that he’s probably signed up to work for a bounty hunter who is also a serial killer, and that he should sit down, shut up, and just pretend nothing happened.

Now knowing that Adolphus seems to be following the Berebeli and not the party, a plan for a clever ambush is concocted – the party would head out in the wee hours of the night and set up an ambush along the road to Bogenhafen. Then at sunrise, the Berelebi would leave Weissbruck, forcing Adolphus to leave town in pursuit and straight into the ambush.

Except of course, that Adolphus set his attack on the boat to occur that very night – with the three dockworkers running towards the boat with pots of burning oil, with Adolphus providing covering fire with his crossbow.

While the attack did result in the boat catching fire, the intimidation on Bengt proved handy as he quickly retreated from the fight. The rest of the party engaged Adolphus, Gurt, and Willie and cut them all down – a failed attempt to knock Adolphus out resulted instead with Martin’s new shield becoming covered in the bounty hunter’s grey matter.

Putting the boat out, the group quickly departed on a four-day trip to Bogenhafen. From the bags of Adolphus, they found a letter which made things significantly clearer – Adolphus was on the trail of Lieberung, a cultist whom he had lured out using the fake inheritance notice. He was tracking Lieberung to Bogenhafen and intended to capture or likely kill him.

Arriving in Bogenhafen, any remaining doubts were cleared up when they discovered that the lawyers of Lock, Stock, & Barl were a fiction created by none other than Adolphus Kufstos who had the letterhead printed at the print shop of Schultz and Friedman a few months previous.

So now the group is annoyed by having blown both the trip with the prince at 20 GC per day, as well as discovering the inheritance is nothing more than a honey-pot to lure out the (now deceased) Kastor Lieberung. With a purse full of coins, and their only easy means of travel tied up here for the duration of the festival, they look to the Schaffenfest for entertainment and succor from their hardships.

This session saw the end of the titular adventure of “The Enemy Within” and each character received 100 XP as they wander off into the fair…