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Summerthorpe is a very small community nestled near the main trade road between two major cities – giving it enough traffic to support it, and enough protection that the worst thing the locals usually have to deal with is a few highwaymen looking for cover after messing with the wrong travellers.

What makes the location notable to most is that unlike most small farming communities, the population of Summerthorpe and the surrounding farms is almost entirely dwarven with nary a blacksmith or mine to be seen. The structures in town are all a mix of stone and wood.



The centre of the community is the church just north of the graveyard – dedicated not to one of the common dwarven gods, but to a god of harvests and animal husbandry. The church serves as the town hall and also the public house where the locals keep and drink the ale most households here brew.

Notable dwarves in town:

  • Zat Winterhelm – a pale-skinned dwarf with very narrow features and a finely trimmed black beard. He is standoffish to most visitors, but if seen with only his flock he is gregarious and generous to a fault.
  • Bo Simplehand – recently inherited the largest farm in town from her aged mother. Simply dressed and generally dour (most think it is her grief and the sudden responsibility of the family holdings), she quietly hates everything about this town and the townfolk within. She seems devout and wears a large wooden holy symbol at all times, but all her prayers are for bandits to burn the town and string up her neighbours.
  • Dabli Simplehand – runs a small general store and sells excellent cheese from her home. Loves oversized soft boots. She is always accompanied by her hawk companion, Edlu.

But what brings the adventurers to Summerthorpe? Old books talk of a dwarven citadel right near these two small rivers… the dwarves of Summerthorpe are likely the descendants of the dwarves from this lost citadel. But how and why was it lost? And surely there must be some interesting dwarven treasures left within if it can be found…


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