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Since I have a ledger-sized printer, I’ve been experimenting with maps for the Fantasy Trip that fit within the 11 x 17 inch page. This map is drawn using the Legacy Edition 1.5 inch hexes (the same scale as the nice big floppy mouse-pad style maps and the megahex boxes). If I switch to the classic Fantasy Trip 1″ hexes I could manage some significantly larger and more complex maps in the space provided.

Mini Melee Arena
Mini Melee Arena

Adding a few tiles from the various megahex boxes also allows this to expand in just about any direction.

While I’ve got you here for this The Fantasy Trip map, if you are a supporter of my Patreon Campaign, you can also find a whole selection of Legacy Edition sized hex pages (up to a full 36″ x 48″ poster page) that you can download and print – Patreon Exclusive Hex Selections.


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