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Currently home to the Stormbrow Sentinels – a “mercenary” company of orcs, bugbears, and a few humans – Shepherd’s Cave has been used by a number of groups over the years. The elders among the locals remember the location when it was used to shelter the children of the village during the great war – when sections of it were cleared, cleaned and expanded.

For a few decades after that it was home to the Dhoma, a pair of hermits who refused to return to the village, refused to leave the cave, and refused to acknowledge each other. One of the Dhoma carved the statue that still stands in the backmost section of the cave – a rough cut representation of a humanoid creature with a near perfect cube in the place of its head.

Shepherd's Cave

Shepherd’s Cave

In the last year it has become the headquarters for Knozot Thur, the self titled Stormbrow Warbringer. A number of large tents are erected outside of the cave entrance for the mercenary force itself, and Knozot and a couple of his mightier warriors (that he trusts implicitly) live within the cave itself. Tacdet, a grizzled cleric of the force, has become obsessed over the statue and believes that it can act as a form of touchstone to make pacts with a strange being from beyond the walls of creation.


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