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I kind of disappointed myself this year with only 12 RPGs played in 2019. I try to game 3-4 times a week, and have managed that most of this year until familial obligations took over this fall and cut me down to 2ish games per week.

RPGs played in 2019That said, I played RPGs with about 50 different people this year, without playing in any “open table” or convention games (back when I used to go to RPG conventions, I’d usually manage a dozen different RPGs played in a single weekend instead of a full year). And the games were great.

My taste in games obviously trends to the old school (while I love D&D, you’ll note that the only actual D&D I played this year was B/X D&D and classic OD&D) – but I also had the chance to really enjoy running a short Over the Edge story arc which was immense fun (the new system for this edition of OTE is really up my alley). It sits along nicely with Troika! and The Black Hack as super-simple systems that REALLY work well.

I’ve been playing in extended campaigns of Advanced Labyrinth Lord (with a group that takes breaks along the way – when we finish a major adventure, someone else takes the reins for a few sessions of another RPG before we get back to the campaign), Empire of the Petal Throne (going on 5 years now, I think?), and Neoclassical Geek Revival (now in the fourth campaign that I’ve played with the same DM and some of the same player).

For the last year and change I’ve also been running a Warhammer Fantasy 1e campaign playing through the full classic “Enemy Within” campaign. While the system has some complexities that I don’t fully enjoy, it has been a LOT of fun and by our best guess we have about 12-14 months more before we’ll finish the whole thing.

Along the edges of these campaigns I played an interdimensional assassin trainee in Troika!, a Vargr Corsair in Traveller, a Conan-styled thief in B/X D&D, a minor warlock in The Fantasy Trip, and a cigarette-based occultist in the Black Hack. I also ran a short urban adventure in classic OD&D, an introduction to Al’Amarja and a big party in Over the Edge, and an orbital AI heist in Cyberpunk 2013.

Let’s see if I can increase the variety of games played next year, eh?