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In the airy heights of the upper levels of Sharn are places where the towers thin out and the connections between them are almost artistic instead of utilitarian. Sweeping bridges connect fine spires and unlike the lower levels of the city, few buildings have been added to these bridges – leaving them open and clean-looking.

Sharn Heights - Skybridge Nexus

Sharn Heights – Skybridge Nexus

Here we have a nexus of skybridges connecting six towers. Tower levels near a nexus like this are usually designed to be “public facing” – featuring large lobbies, house owned businesses, shrines, parks, and markets. Levels above and below a nexus like this are prime real estate for apartments and homes because of the ease of access to other towers.

That said, I’m not really happy with how this map turned out. I’m definitely going to take another hack at Sharn structures, focusing in more on tightly clustered towers with smaller structures encrusted off them and skybridges that also act as parks and the only chance to see sunlight in such a packed environment.


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