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Woodrest Manor

Woodrest Manor

A moderate sized manor house built of thick and heavy stone, the most noticeable thing about Woodrest Manor is the four-story tower on the northeast side. Built a century or two ago, it is the handiwork of a young Bruldrugg Solidshield and his clanmates (Bruldrugg is now the elder of his family, and the Craftmaster of the Mountainmark clan).

It is currently the home of Gurtri Stelzner, an alchemist with ties and contracts to the Imperial capital. Gurtri lives alone in the tower, allowing his staff access to only the ground floor of the manor. The gardens and structure are well maintained but very plain and utilitarian – Gurtri is pragmatic and solitary in nature and only pays to maintain the property in order to make sure it doesn’t fall down around him.


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