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Half buried in dirt, the wreck of the UPFS Skerples looks like some sort of massive bone or ceramic growth at first glance. The super-ceramic hull of the ship is almost completely unaffected by the crash landing here – any damage to the outer structure was caused by much higher-energy arcane systems mounted on some other vessel that fought with it in the skies.

UPFS Skerples

UPFS Skerples

Whatever arcane weapon system did manage to breach the hull, it also wiped out the entire crew in a single flash of super dimensional energy leaving glowing scorch marks and near-mindless incorporeal undead behind. Undead you must face if you want to get the power source from this strange vessel to power the great altar at Ur’Targen. Or the device needed to disrupt the energy fields holding the Kirin, Couatl, and Mind Flayer aboard the vessel buried in the Barrier Peaks.

"Stealth" map without grey

“Stealth” map without grey


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