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A new year is here and it is time for a new campaign! And a classic trope of the fantasy campaign is to start in or near a small village – big enough that it can provide some equipment, rumours, NPCs to interact with, and even a few mysteries – and yet small and distant enough that it acts as a final point of civilization before you head into the unknown.

For this campaign, this is the village of Iyesgarten (pronounced Eyes-Garden).

The Village of Iyesgarten

The Village of Iyesgarten

Even smaller than distant Hommlet, Iyesgarten is on some of the last arable land of the Satrapy. Beyond Iyesgarten lie the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams to the north, and the Badlands of Koroush to the East – and the trade road to the City of Copper Bowls. It is the traffic along that trade road that keeps Iyesgarten alive. Caravans of goods come through here a few times a month and local farmers provide them with one last chance to restock their own supplies before they cross the badlands.

This traffic has made the Inn and the Mill a fair amount of money over the years, and they are the cornerstones of “modern” Iyesgarten.

But like many frontier towns, Iyesgarten also attracts a number of people who would be unwelcome in the civilized Satrapy – some here looking for work with the caravans, but others trying to quietly live here without being noticed. Perhaps a black sheep of the royal-family-in-exile. An assassin who has been in hiding for a decade or two. A druid of a heretical sect that was excommunicated and destroyed…


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