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For the new campaign of the new year, we started with a map of the small village of Iyesgarten, the last piece of quiet civilization in the Satrapy, and then tightened the focus down to the Iyesgarten Inn – because what adventuring group doesn’t spend at least some time at the local inn in search of adventure?

Now we look out a bit to see where these adventures will be held – the local region around Iyesgarten in the south and the fortified town of Will O the Wisp in the north.

Iyesgarten Regional Map

Iyesgarten Regional Map

The largest feature in the region is the swamp of forgotten dreams. The nature of this swamp is perfect for a weird and mystical adventure site without it delivering threats to the area around it. Most of the strangeness and creatures of the swamp remain within the confines of the region, or exist in other worlds entirely. The strangeness of a place that consumes dreams and then revisits them and mashes them together provides for a lot of opportunities for odd adventures and fairy tale like stories and situations.

Iyesgarten Regional Map (B&W)

Iyesgarten Regional Map (B&W)

To the east we have the badlands and the trade road leading to the City of Copper Bowls on the east coast. A nominal ally of the Satrapy, the City of Copper Bowls is a distant place that trades in exotic goods, drugs, and carnal pleasures.

A number of other features have been included on the map to act as adventure idea springboards. As the campaign progresses I’ll keep a version of this map updated and annotated to go with the new maps and adventures.


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