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This three-tiered tomb complex contains a number of reliquaries, crypts, and memorials of Jeberiath’s Silver Army – warriors embedded permanently into their silver-wrought armour to fight against the Sarahdu menace.

Tombs of the Silver Army

Tombs of the Silver Army

While the war was won, Jeberiath’s Silver Army bore the brunt of the defense and less than a handful were left at the end of the battles – and those few bore such spiritual and mental wounds that they left Jeberiath and wandered the world in their ruined armour seeking solace, redemption, or death.

The north side of the tombs are set in three tiers. The upper level is in the centre, with lower levels reached by stairs on the left (to the mid-level tombs) and right (to the deeper tombs). There is also an air shaft that extends down from the stairs on the left to the deepest tomb (the alcove with debris in the deepest tomb is the bottom of the shaft).


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