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I just went through and updated some of the main map collections on the Dodecahedron.

First off we have the general map archive which contains the vast majority of the maps on this site. Not all of them – some were specifically parceled off into their own sub-pages that may or may not be maintained still, and others just failed to make it to the archive (and I’m not willing to dig through 2,100 posts over 11 years to figure out which slipped through the cracks).

The main map archive now links to 828 maps (+ a few on pages that contain multiple maps or map variations).

The commercial map archive keeps tabs on which maps have been released through one of the two different commercial use licenses. All of these maps also appear in the general map archive, but this archive is specifically aimed at people who want to publish works or produce other commercial projects using my maps.

Currently the commercial map archive sits at 316 maps.