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While I’ve been intending to sit down and re-read all my Top Secret RPG material so I can run the classic Operation Sprechenhaltestelle adventure (which turns 40 in February), I ended up getting sidetracked by my Star Frontiers collection…

I definitely want to run a Star Frontiers game again this year too. I keep pushing my work on an adventure to the back burner to get other more immediate work done, but having the boxes and books out keeps me coming back to how much I love my many Star Frontiers adventures over the decades since its release.

And of course, if anything sits on my desk for long enough googly eyes eventually get involved.

And while googlying a few interior pieces, I discovered something new to me. In decades of playing Star Frontiers, I never noticed that this Dralasite has an arrow in his side. No wonder everyone is brandishing their weapons!

For more of my googly madness, I keep an archive of my various RPG googly adventures over here: www.dysonlogos.com/googly