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In these remakes of the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks maps, Deck II (and later Deck V) are the decks where my style shines through a bit. These decks (or ‘tween decks) have large inaccessible areas of machinery, hull, structural supports, power storage, and all the infrastructure that keeps the other decks operational.

Barrier Peaks - Deck II

Barrier Peaks – Deck II

The original map of Deck II is best remembered as the level that has Gary Gygax’s initials drawn into the bulkheads & machinery of the level. I was unable to resist doing something similar with my remake…

As with Deck I, the numbered encounter areas are the same as they appear in the original module, just juggled around to fit the new structure of the level. The hole in the floor on the upper left links into Deck III (and is also indicated on that deck plan for ease of reference in play).


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