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Printout of a map that I drew map during a livestream yesterday as I continue to practice working digitally instead of using ink & paper.

As my eyesight degrades, I find myself more and more often working digitally where I can zoom in on my work without scrunching my face up against my work surface. I find I much prefer to read books digitally now (in a major reversal from two years ago when I was all about print), and more and more of my map making is done digitally. The ability to display on a huge monitor and to zoom in or change text sizes is a real selling point for me now.

It took me a bit of time to get used to working digitally, and a big part of it was developing the “pens / brushes” in photoshop that best emulate my hand drawn work (but I did have the benefit of a thousand maps to zoom in on and compare the work of my digital tools to the results of my traditional ones).

Timing of these streams is fairly random – as I don’t really do the whole “work day” thing, but generally start time is between 4pm and 2 am Eastern and the streams run for 2-4 hours typically.

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