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Built into a squat hexagonal stone “tower”, the Bast’Inn (pronounced pretty much as “Bastion”) is a popular drinking establishment, especially during nice weather as it sports a second-story patio with six additional tables.

While owned by the Stonefinger dwarven clan, the Bast’Inn isn’t popular with any of the local dwarves – Stonefingers, Hammershapers, Deephelms, or Bronzeforged. Only the occasional out-of-town dwarf can be found here among the predominantly human clientele. The main bartender is Arcaath, an obese elf of prodigal consumption and laughter – along with a dozen other elven and human servers (usually 2-3 total on hand at any time), they keep everyone’s cups full and tend the food when there is some cooking in the fireplaces.

The Bast Inn

The Bast’Inn

The entrances to the Bast’Inn are seven feet above street level and lead into the common room of the inn with stairs leading up to the upper room 9 feet up and the attached patio (16 feet above street level).

The basement is accessible from the main prep room and contains supplies, a cellar for storing ales, and a root cellar on the north side that contains a secret door out under the stairs on that side of the structure.


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