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I was asked what features I liked best in a dungeon map, and after a bit of conversation and contemplation, I decided a multi-tiered chamber with a statue and some sort of water feature would fit the bill. To show what I meant, I drew this small cave / dungeon map. The main chamber is four tiers – the entrance leads to the top tier, with stairs down to a mid tier with a statue, and then again down to a lower tier. Below the lowest tier is the flooded cave floor, with the water reaching up to about 10 feet below the lowest tier. Other stairs and passages connect to the various tiers outside of the main chamber.

Greyfalls Cave

Greyfalls Cave

The lower right corner of the map has a columned cave that steps down gradually to the level of the water – providing a space a bit away from the waterfall to gather water, or used in simple contemplation.

Greyfalls Cave is a very small “dungeon” environment – a good place for an adventure involving finding someone or some thing that is hidden away. A contemplative cleric, a drow sage, a minor holy item, or just to collect the waters as part of a larger quest.


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