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The Gardens.

By the time adventurers get to Deck IV, they already know what is in store for them. The garden deck is completely overrun with alien flora and fauna – a deadly ecosystem collected from other worlds.

Barrier Peaks – Deck IV

Barrier Peaks – Deck IV

And, honestly, if it weren’t for the odd structure on an island in the lake on this level, there would be no real reason to subject yourself to this curated cross-section of various death planets. But that island base has a call that is irresistible to most adventurers. It looks relatable. A temple of some kind, defensible, reasonably small, probably packed with treasure…

As with the other redrawn decks, the numbered encounter areas are the same as they appear in the original module, just juggled around to fit the new structure of the level. Descending from this level is done either by the secret hatches to level V that are concealed in the floors in the garden area (each marked with an S), or by the ramps to level VI – one located by each of the three drop tubes.


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