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In the latest issue of Dragon+, James Wyatt talks about the upcoming “Mythic Odysseys of Theros” – the second Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons book he’s produced while working as part of the Magic: the Gathering team (he also produced all the “Planeshift” documents – unofficial conversions of Magic settings into D&D5e terms).

Once again, like with the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, I got tapped in to work on this book – drawing maps for 15 or so locations in this Greek-mythology-inspired setting.

I can’t show off any of the maps I drew for the book yet (until someone else leaks them or the book is released, I’m bound by an NDA), but this was a LOT of fun. I originally got into D&D via Greek Mythology some 40 years ago, and while working on this book I did a lot of reading about the setting and it hit a lot of sweet spots I had forgotten I had.

This isn’t a Greek Myth D&D setting – this is a fantasy setting inspired by Greek mythology… which in a lot of ways I think I prefer over yet another rehash of “Greek D&D”.

I’m exceptionally glad that Wizards of the Coast is publishing new D&D settings for fifth edition instead of playing it 100% safe and republishing the settings we’ve had time and time again.