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A classic single-entrance dungeon composed of a sprawling network of rooms, chambers, crypts, and of course caves. Set beneath ancient surface structures (either ruins, or possibly a more recent construction over those ruins), a single spiral staircase of blueish stone descends to these structures.

The Lost Temple of Aphosh the Haunted

The Lost Temple of Aphosh the Haunted

Although the finished structures are in extreme disrepair (with several areas having collapsed entirely), they aren’t so old that you cannot but marvel at the brightly coloured tilework that covers the intact sections of wall depicting the visions of Aphosh the Haunted who’s astral self supposedly traveled to other worlds every night in his sleep.

The deeper caverns predate the construction, and the lowest of these contain a large pool of lightly glowing water. It was down in these caverns that Aphosh would set himself to rest every night as he attempted to protect the inhabitants of the other worlds he dreamed of.

Who knows what strange dreams modern sorcerers and priests might have sleeping beside the same waters?


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