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I started sorting through my dice and realized that I totally failed to show off the dice from the most recent Inkwell Ideas Dungeonmorph dice sets which feature a number of my own designs on them.

Turns out I hit “peak dice” about three years ago and haven’t bought any since. I’ve received a few pretty sets in the interim though (gifts and promotional doodads), and to be fair, these are outliers that I would have picked up anyways. Because really – Dice, RPGs, Maps, all in one? Oh yeah….

Each coaster in that photo has a different set of dice. 48 dice broken into 9 different sets.

Now, if you like the idea but not the dice themselves, these lovely geomorph cards take the dice designs and reproduces them at 2.5 inches. You know, the same size as the classic dungeon geomorphs I posted to this site nearly a decade ago (and the same entry placement as these were designed to work specifically to the spec I created for that series).

The cards, dice, fonts (fonts? yeah, dungeonmorph fonts!) and PDF versions thereof are all available from the Inkwell Ideas store.