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This month we are closing out the set of remakes of the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks maps with the release of the entertainment deck, Deck VI. This is the deck that delayed the release of these redraws time and time again. I’ve redrawn this deck at least a dozen times and haven’t really been happy with any of them.

Return to the Barrier Peaks - Deck VI

Return to the Barrier Peaks – Deck VI

In short, this is the one deck in the set where I REALLY prefer the original design. This deck would probably work best redrawn with the Theater and the Auditorium combined into a single space used for both, but in playtesting that really cramped the style of the famous Mind Flayer that lives on this level.

As with the other redrawn decks, the numbered encounter areas are the same as they appear in the original module, just juggled around to fit the new structure of the level.

I’ve had requests for “player maps” of these deck plans – I figure that would mean removing all the numbered tags, but should it also involve removing the descriptive tags (swimming pool, gymnasium, etc), and should I remove the colour-coded door tags and replace them with a generic door marker?


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