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I generally don’t include any scale or direction markers on my maps because they are much more versatile without them – each end user can decide how to squeeze the map into their games, with the appropriate scale for the style of RPG or session in question.

But some of my commissioned work requires a compass rose – so I’ve been practicing various designs to see what I like best. Once this collection hits about a dozen, I’ll package them up with the backgrounds removed and send them out as an exclusive to all my patrons on Patreon so they can be added to maps as needed for your personal games.

This one is very similar thematically and structurally to the compass rose I used in some recent D&D releases – but redrawn from scratch for this project.

This is an alternate version to the skull one (still using the same arrows) for maps where the skull is less appropriate. It feels very naval to me.

Here we have the fierce “ninja throwing compass” designed to deter pursuit while also giving them the exact direction you are fleeing in.

This… I don’t know what came over me. This would be for my Temple of the Frog knock-off adventures… or for a Slann incursion in Warhammer. Or just a map of a swamp. Something soggy and froggy.

Essentially a reaction to how off the wall I was getting with the frog compass, this one is pretty much a traditional compass rose done in my style.

And finally we have this one which is based on the crest / logo from Green Ronin’s Thieves’ World d20 books (drawn by Pat Loboyko).